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Churchill Academy

Churchill Academy of Worship is a Bible-Based, Kingdom-Orientated and Purpose-Driven higher learning institution that was formed by Mr. Churchill Selatole in 2020, which is exactly 10 years after he had received the prophetic word from the Lord by Bishop Tudor Bismark from Harare in Zimbabwe, who was the guest speaker during 2011 the Passover Conference at Change Bible Church in South Africa, where he has been serving as a minister of music since the year 2005.

Two years later, the prophetic word was confirmed and further explained by Pastor Troy Goode from California in United States of American, who was a guest speaker the local church where Mr. Churchill Selatole is still serving.

‘Faith is knowing that God will do what is right’


Bishop Tudor Bismark

Harare, Zimbabwe

“There is something special about you but you do not know it yet, thus, you need to seek the Lord more than you are doing right now because God has a good plan for your life. In the next few years, the Lord is going to anoint you and you will become a Biblicist, Lyricist and Melodist, for the advancement of His kingdom.”


Pastor Troy Goode

California, USA

“As you were leading the church in worship, I saw you standing on a podium and teaching people about worship. The Lord told me to tell you to get ready because He has anointed to you for the ministry of worship and not only as a music minister but you are going to run an academy, where people from all over the world will come to learn from you what it means to worship God in spirit and in truth.”


Five years later, Pastor Sibusiso Mfeka who has played a critical role in Mr. Churchill Selatole’s development as a bestselling author and growth as a global speaker in the subject of worship, reignited the prophetic word and played an advisory function in the publication of his bestselling book, Dear Worship Leader, (2015), through which his traveling ministry was birthed in 2016.

‘The world may drag you down, but God will always carry you’


Inception of The Academy

It started as a single book published in 2015, Dear Worship Leader that grew into an online mentorship platform attracting over 8400 people, an itinerant ministry that touched and impacted believers in four continents of the world: Asia, Europe, USA and Africa, whose demand led to the inception of the Churchill Academy of Worship.

The purpose of the academy is to meet the deep-seated need for systematic learning in the area of worship because according Scripture, the kind of worship that God the Father is looking for and is acceptable to Him, cannot be caught unless it is taught in accordance with the word of God. Hence, the Lord Jesus Christ and Paul, the apostle, did not leave the subject of worship to chance, however, given an opportunity, Jesus taught worship in Samaria and Paul taught worship in Athens. Consequently, we are inspired by the Holy Spirit to pick up where they left off.

Mr. Churchill Selatole

Mr Churchill has an unquenchable desire for missions with the objective of teaching believers around the world on the subject of True Biblical Worship and leading them into the presence of God through praise and worship. Since the inception of his Itinerant Ministry in February of 2015, he has written and published nine books.


Our vision is to raise the Davidic breed of worshipers.


Our mission is to provide a God-centered learning experience.

Bible Based

Christ - Centered

Spirit - Led


‘The strength of faith speaks louder than words’



Mr Churchill Selatole offers enriching services as a gust speaker and public speaker at conferences or events.

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